Thursday, 22 July 2010

Are we nearly there yet?

As end of term in parliament approaches one gets the impression that the coalition will relish their summer break before all hell breaks loose with the Autumn Spending Review.
Michael Gove has been converted from a cool, sharp ex journalist to an paranoid ranter during his appearance on Today with Sarah Montague; weeks of Ed Balls crawling all over him seem to have taken their toll. He is currently fighting on two fronts after the terrible way that the Building Future Schools project was scrapped with unclear and badly prepared information along with widespread criticism from the opposition, back-benchers and teachers to the speed in which the Academies Bill is being rushed through the house for September. No one can understand why they are being pushed through, particularly when so many points are still so unclear and the time to debate them is running out.
Vince Cable is likely to appear even more ashen than in recent weeks following the news that his Graduate Tax proposals which were launched with much fanfare last week in London are now likely to be shelved in favour of a more direct transaction between graduates and their educational institutions. And, as discussed on the blog last week....
Andrew Lansley's NHS proposals have not had a positive reaction from the public; there is the feeling that the reorganisation is unnecessary and a thinly veiled attempt from the Tories to move the NHS towards denationalisation. Ahem, we certainly didn't vote for that Mr Lansley....
Nick Clegg managed to make such a hash of PMQ's (see previous post) that Number 10 was forced to clarify what he was trying to say, as well as no doubt giving him a ticking off for his assertion that the Iraq War was 'illegal'. Dave won't be leaving him in charge for a while....
And lets not forget Cameron himself who made a crazy claim that the UK was a junior partner in 1940 in the fight against the Nazi's. That's a junior partner to the USA, who didn't enter the war until 1941. Oh dear Dave...are you trying to upset everyone?

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