Friday, 7 May 2010

The morning after....

Unlikely to be the only post of the day as things seem to be moving very quickly but everything seems to be up in the air. As I see it, Clegg sticking to his word and more likely to back the Conversatives although not perhaps in a formal coalition - but Brown appearing to be holding on and will attempt to speak to the Lib Dems, although Lib/Lab still wouldn't give a majority!
Earlier on this morning and in the midst of the confusion there was still a lot of politicking and spin going on especially from Mandelson and May squabbling about terminology and exactly 'who lost the election' - neither conceding their disappointment.

Little reaction on the BBC from the public themselves, just some soundbites in Leeds hoping for a better time for small businesses and hard working families - it could be a long wait until we know how relevant policies will pan out.

Most interesting aspect for me is whether Clegg, who so far has appeared to be straightforward in sticking with his election statements (the only one who has been in a situation where he has had to....) will use electoral reform as a tool when speaking with Cameron later on today and latterly when the emergency budget is revealed in 50 days time....

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