Monday, 10 May 2010

Still waiting...

So, nothing to add in terms of the fundamental point of this blog because we don't know who our government will be; and as such what policies are going to be implemented and when...However, politics is definitely the key talking point amongst friends and acquaintances at the moment - everyone is keen to know how the situation will resolve itself and how the new government will look and operate. As I write the LibDems are going back to the Tories for further clarification on a number of points, according to David Laws from the Liberal Democrats. Apparently Peter Mandelson and co are still waiting in the wings although it seems a matter of days before Gordon leaves Downing Street for the last time.

Some initial thoughts though away from the hullabaloo at Westminster. Much talk about the changes in child tax credits that the new government seems sure to abolish, hurting a good deal of people although the feeling seems to be that this is an essential loss during these tough economic times and with an enormous deficit that needs clearing - other freebies that we are sure to lose - Health in Pregnancy Grant and Child Trust Funds; nice to haves but rather generous?
After spending a lovely though rainy weekend on the South Bank in London it dawned on me how little the arts were mentioned during this election campaign. In the heady, easy days of 1997 New Labour was able to schmooze our creative greats and offer free museum entrance to all in their manifesto. Surely this will sadly be reversed in this next parliament? What do we think? A shame, but again a no brainer to save money?

Things to muse on as we await further information from the talks.....

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