Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I don't think I am alone when i say that I am cynical about British politics. I shouldn't be - I am relatively young at 33, have a good job, lovely home and a good standard of living and most importantly have a young baby who is the living embodiment of the future. Furthermore, I love Britain - I am positive about this country and proud to be British. So I should believe in our systems and processes and trust our governments - but I don't. i am tired of it all.
I have been able to tune into this election more than ever before and am fascinated to see what unfolds tomorrow, polling day. But more importantly I want to know what happens from May 7th onwards. How many promises are kept? How quickly will whoever lives at 10 Downing Street be vilified, how long will the honeymoon last? What will 'change' mean? What will a 'fairer Britain' look like?
The aim of this blog is to create a history of the next parliamentary term in order to see exactly what impact government has on Britain in the 21st century. I will look at policies, election promises, the economy and our foreign standing but i will also attempt to consider just how this next government influences our society and how Britain and Britons function on a day to day basis.....See you on May 7th for the big result!


  1. wow this is fantastic...cant wait for friday !!!

  2. Fantastic blog cant wait for the next installment...

  3. oh my god, what have you done to my wife?