Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New PM at Number 10

Finally, it feels as if the election is over. We've just seen David Cameron enter Number 10 for the very first time, along with his wife and closest political advisors. We now know that he is entering into a formal coalition with the Liberal Democrats; although as yet no news on policy, cabinet positions and exactly which manifesto promises (on both sides) will be broken to make way for a 'stable government'. Rumours abound that the increase in the inheritance tax threshold will be the first thing to go; no doubt a popular move for the majority but what about those for whom this was a key factor in their decision making? But surely the biggest question we have to ask is how do LibDem voters feel? Excited at their first opportunity in generations to influence the front line of government, or betrayed by Nick Clegg who is aware of how uncomfortable so many of his members will feel having to work with a party to which they feel ideologically opposed? Initial comment on social networking sites seems to suggest disappointment from LibDem voters who see them as a party committed to reform, pro European and with a liberal attitude to immigration. Will this new period of government at Number 10 lead to a resurgence for the Labour Party? Liberal lefties coming home, under a new, fresh leader -who will definitely be called 'Ed or Miliband' according to one senior figure in the party.
Meanwhile, lets watch closely over the next few days at what immediate action our new government takes....


  1. Yesterday was a very emotional day to see Gordon Brown and labour leaving 10 Downing Street. i hope he is remembered with respect for all he has done for UK politics and Britain and not what the media have done to him over the last 3 years!!

  2. so we have two parties working together who do not agree on the majority of each other policies and are willing to scrap or change their plans in order to gain an agreement.... so, how happy will Lib Dem or Tory voters be?
    Guess we will have to wait and see... This Blog is brilliant though!

  3. I’m loving all the newly married couple references, including some commentators wondering if they have ‘done it’ yet.